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In the End, They are Always be the Right People to Return

There’s something I realize the more I’ve grown up and got life this far. You may have a friends, or even best friends, A LOT, or even girlfriend or boyfriend, but in the end, FRIENDS mean NOTHING. Then FAMILY means WORLD.

Was a teenager back then, I didn’t think different with the other teenager. I had the new world out there, outside my home. With bunch of people that I called friends and bestfriends to hung around, to talked to, to simply built me my new life.

But then, as a human who grown and learn alot, people changes. And this including me. We all have no different. We comes to know better about ourself, about what we want, about our goal, about our way to life, and everybody struggle to reach their own version of “best”. However, this could be more hard competition. Fellow and rival sometimes only had a slight difference. People around you could be turn into gray characters that you can never guess.

At this time, life can shock you endlessly. The moment that you realize that you are alone to be strong, because every other people will fight for themselves even that means they have to crush you.


Just stop, come home early, and try to stare at the people who welcome you. Your old-minded parents, your annoying sisters and brothers, your fussy grandmother, your lame grandfather, whatever you think they are, they’re what’s called Family.

The one who wait the front of the door and being so angry when you come home late.
The one who yelling loudest for you when you stand on the stage.
The one who stand for you when you are kicked off.
The one who always want the best things for you even sometimes you both don’t share the same idea.
The one who always sacrifice anything, even their lives, for you living your own happy life.

Of course there are always times we take quarel with them, same with me. There are countless time I argued with them then it leads to shut-myself-in-the-room-and-no-talk moments and even drama of tears and shout-each-other. But it’s normal.

In the end, they are always be the right people to come home to, everyday.

Some teenager nowadays might not understand about my point yet. I was ever a teenager too so I know well that time when you take your friends as your life.  But, believe me, there will be a time when you come home and be so grateful to have them in your life and allowed by The God to meet them again safe and sound, and regarding them, the people out there is no matter for you at all.

There will be a time when you understand this, and some might be understand already. But let me tell you. Family is too valuable then it become priceless. They are your light through the hardship, and your ship through the flood. Treasure them.


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