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My Top-Three Favorite Youtubers

1.Goose House from Goose House Actually they’re not youtubers, instead, they are extremely talented musicians from Japan who have frequently making and covering music through their youtube channel!! I first know them when I browse cover song of SCANDAL, NICO Touches the Walls, and Katahira Rina, and they are aaalways appear. I’m a curious wolf… Continue reading My Top-Three Favorite Youtubers

My Chaotic Philosophy

#LearnToday 2 : The Right Priority

“Family is the only people you can truly lean on no matter what, when, where, and how. Not your job, not your friends, not your colleagues, not even your campus organization can do. So make sure you always be there for them, no matter how busy or how you needed by people out there.”

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Pink, Bouquet, Lace, and Everything Nice

Yesterday, I skipped the class to attend seminar that I’ve been look forward. Do not feel any guilty feeling, so I realize, apparently that’s what I need. Furthermore, I participated on hand-mark-event of #antirokok campaign. (I hate smoke and cigarette, you know?) Had fun time combining paint with my palm ♥ On the way back… Continue reading Pink, Bouquet, Lace, and Everything Nice

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Black and Black and without A Plenty of White

Just realize almost all drawings on my sketchbook I drew on tears, hard cries during the hard times. When nothing feels not right, I just face that blank white page with pencil on my hand and suddenly feel okay to let go of the tears I hold along the lines I created with the hand.… Continue reading Black and Black and without A Plenty of White

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Sudden Gallery

Sorry I became worst blogger on October. Blame my connection first, then blame my student council rushes, then blame the mid-term exam, and the last, fully blame on me because the all the rushes takes my breath and energy then I more likely settle myself down in the room-and-sleep-and-chill-out-like-no-other-people-in-the-world. But now to start a new… Continue reading Sudden Gallery