My Blabber Side

Black and Black and without A Plenty of White

Just realize almost all drawings on my sketchbook I drew on tears, hard cries during the hard times. When nothing feels not right, I just face that blank white page with pencil on my hand and suddenly feel okay to let go of the tears I hold along the lines I created with the hand.

But tonight, as the blank page is opened right on my face and the pencil on, my hand was hang in the air and my mind was blackout before I decide to stop and give up. I just feel… tired. To weep and even to make a single lines.

Too tired that I can’t stop the feeling that something has been lost deep inside of me.

I think I just need a break to start everything all over again. To think,  to evaluate, to refresh. But there’s no time given to me, not even a plenty. How mean everyone are. I even beg people in the student council to let me have a break tomorrow with no sudden distract. Shameful.

But I need a time to find my lost wonderland, for me being myself again. Once I found it, I will be okay.

And I’m so so tired. I will just go right to bed now.

Take care, everyone. Don’t let big-ugly-smell-badmouthed bugs seize your sweet sweet dreams on wonderland ♥



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