My Fangirl Side

My Top-Three Favorite Youtubers

1.Goose House from Goose House


Actually they’re not youtubers, instead, they are extremely talented musicians from Japan who have frequently making and covering music through their youtube channel!! I first know them when I browse cover song of SCANDAL, NICO Touches the Walls, and Katahira Rina, and they are aaalways appear. I’m a curious wolf so I just straightly check them out and instantly fell in love. Not only they’re so talented to rearrange the music they cover, but they also capable on not only one, but sooooo many instruments and tend to appear in various coordination with various instruments and all soooo good. Moreover, not only covering, they also have their own original songs and those are the best ever.

2. Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters


I just love her in-person. Not only because she has an awesome style (and awesome boots too!! ugh!) and awesome yet useful videos but also her manner. She tend to be so cheerfull and kind and pure and adorable and energetic and… I don’t know. Whenever I see her I just instantly feel so happy. So maybe I think that’s what inner beauty called.

3. Zoe from Zoella


Now one more adorable girl I know from youtube! She is soooo funny and beautiful and has so many useful videos, especially those about life and fashion and other random thing, and moreover, she is a British! So, you know, my english is not that good and so the listening skill. So watching her videos can practice me on the same time. Well, believe it or not, but watching british youtubers is the most efficient way to practicing my listening skill ♥


Even they’re just a few of some channel that I frequently checking out from time to time, still I don’t know much about great channels or youtuber-in-person and I would like to know! So what is your favourite youtube channel? Please tell me the link in the comment below! I surely excited like to check! ♥♥♥





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