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About the Bigger Frame of the Sight

The December almost over, that’s mean the current year almost over too. Yet I didn’t really had a time to thinking too much, as the previous year. But I tried to take my time to evaluate. Haha, yap, annual evaluation. I always had this list of 100 hope (which still reach the number of 94,… Continue reading About the Bigger Frame of the Sight

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Back to Nature

During the vacation of the campus organization member, grateful that we went to some interesting places with interesting view so I can tried LeRoss (it’s the shorten of Le Rossignol, my analog SLR camera, in case you don’t know) as possible I could I was actually use expired color films (because I don’t want to take… Continue reading Back to Nature

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The Darker Side of the Life

It was a hard, hard tiring week. Really. Too hard that I wonder how I passed it alive. It’s magic. And before I know, everything would be over soon. No, I’m not talking about the year. Yeah, current year will be over soon too, but I’m talking about my real life. some phase that I’m… Continue reading The Darker Side of the Life

My Blabber Side · My Photography Junkie

Energy Infusion: Needed

I can’t nearly think about anything. I don’t even have anything on my mind about what to post here. So many things happen and to do one after another, like and endless act of the drama, that I keep telling myself “Breath, Oka, breath.” If I happen to get a rest day, I most likely… Continue reading Energy Infusion: Needed