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Energy Infusion: Needed

I can’t nearly think about anything. I don’t even have anything on my mind about what to post here. So many things happen and to do one after another, like and endless act of the drama, that I keep telling myself “Breath, Oka, breath.”

If I happen to get a rest day, I most likely doing some exciting but not mind-using activities such like watching TV or watching youtube or scroll the instagram or dip in the warm tea or coffee or simply daydreaming. And I can never sleep early either! In the middle of your rush days, don’t you ever feel that sleep just reducing your me-time? Okay, other may take sleep as one of me-time essential part, but, for me, there’s sooo many me-time activities that more more more exciting such like drawing, or singing, or taking artsy-wanna-be-but-failed pictures, or so on. If I take a nap or sleep earlier than do those things instead, I feel like wasting my precious time!

However, because of that my body regularism is ERROR. Even the doctor cannot solve it! Haha! I know, I know, it’s time to do some self medication…with a lots of tea.

PS: Anyway, I always love taking some deep conversation about general knowledge. World apparently so so wide, don’t you think? So the more you gain more knowledge, the more you realize that you know absolutely nothing.

PS again: I’m just soooo into analog camera nowadays (Okay, blame Instagram!!) and I even got my secondhand SLR analog camera already! RICOH F-50! I know nothing about photography especially the analog one (My childhood photos all credits to FUJINON and RICOH analog cameras but I’m grow up using digicam 😦 ) so if you happen to know more or simply have the same interest, come lets sharing here 😀

Please meet my beautiful baby boy: Le Rossignol ♥♥♥



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