My BEM-J SIde · My Blabber Side

The Darker Side of the Life

It was a hard, hard tiring week. Really. Too hard that I wonder how I passed it alive. It’s magic.

And before I know, everything would be over soon. No, I’m not talking about the year. Yeah, current year will be over soon too, but I’m talking about my real life. some phase that I’m used will be over just in, maybe, a few days, or few weeks, but soon it will be.

I will face my final paper soon by the early of next year and our period of campus organization will end just a few days later, and I feel like “Oh, finally, finally…” but in the same time, I’m scared. Too scared of everything I really sure before wouldn’t mean to be. I’m scared I’ve changed too much. I’m scared I’m not made up my mind. I’m scared that I’m… lost.

Tell me the truth, am I just suffer an anxiety disorder?

By the way, starting tommorow, I have to go on an anual 3-nights-sleepover event in Puncak with BEM-J and DPM-J mates. Yep, I feel worst almost all the time, I think I really need vacation. Guess what, I will bring my Le Rossignol too ♥


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