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About the Bigger Frame of the Sight

The December almost over, that’s mean the current year almost over too. Yet I didn’t really had a time to thinking too much, as the previous year. But I tried to take my time to evaluate. Haha, yap, annual evaluation.

I always had this list of 100 hope (which still reach the number of 94, not 100 yet) and 2014 mission in my phone notes. When I start to counting and crossing the number that has been accomplished, apparently I’m not reach a fantastic number. Quite similar with the previous year, I think.

But then I realized, it’s not that I doin’ this year bad. In fact, my biggest achievement is not written there. I just realized that we are somehow thinking so narrow and shallow yet sometimes we forgot the essentials part of what success, actually. So, yes, I’m not crossing wonderful numbers in the end, but what I’ve got is even further. Learning how to socializing, how to be a leader, how to dealing with anxiety and frustrations, how to value the most precious things, experienced many new things, thinking out of the box, switching between this side and that side, is just a few of what I really got.

Time always show us many new things, either good or bad. Time always be the one who upgraded us. In the end, we’ll thanks the time because of the wiser, maturer, better, improved self of us. It’s so painful, so hurt, but along with pain and hurt, there’s always come a new learning. A steel cannot be sword if it’s not forged in the process.

I think I’ve had made the most of me this year. I will never left this year with a regret.
Thank You Ya Allah. 2014 is hard, probably the hardest year where I have to face the hardest phase of my life, but it’s full blessing.

Thank You Ya Allah for You taught me and take care of me well.. I’m so grateful.

lately I’ve been listening to this song. I need calm and quiet closing for this year, thus this is a perfect soundtrack.

Thank you for everything, guys. Take care 🙂


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