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Drink a Lots of Tea

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Today I was planned to change the pallete of my blog, actually. From, what kind of purple, I wondering, red purple? Well, if it’s pink, maybe it will be quite similar with hot pink, into lavender! But the connection is so worst here so I pend it. Soon after I catch a great connection WIFI, it will be changed, promise!

Truth to be told, why I’d love to use a darker pallete of the things on my daily, because it feel like a barrier between me and the world out there. It makes me feel safe stay there on my own side. But now I decide, I just want something that make me feel comfort and warm. It something a confusing issues between safe and comfort for introverts, I know. I won’t force myself to go-out-there and-fight-the-world-like-a-hero like an cliche motivational songs I’d hear often, but the ideas of “shut myself up in my own world” and “do everything on my way and being true to my heart” is totally different things.

Then again, it’s been hard hard days I faced everyday.
I currently facing those (*&*@^$% practical exams again, it maybe not (and never) been easy. But at least I’m trying to overcome everything, even with pains and scars.
I fall sick, literaly, since about three days ago and I can’t go out of bed until now. But as I finally could have a full-days of bed rest and doze off, it maybe good for me.

It so easy to be passive when you facing the hard days. Grateful Instagram still there so I could still scrolling over people’s beautiful and heartwarming pictures as I cuddle in my blanket and motivate me to not to be not-productive.

Actually I want to write more, but my body heat come again and I felt dizzy and my head is all blank.

I have to stop now and sleep again.

Take care, everyone ❤