My Blabber Side

A Wonderful Sunday is Wonderful


1. Today is the sunday when I have to worry less about my practical exams as the hardest one is already passed. It’s not over yet, still two more to go, but, still, I’m as relieved as peppermint.

2. I wake up pretty early today in the middle of mild more to cold weather,

3. because today is raaaaaaining all day!!! Oh how I love rain from the deepest of my heart ♥

4. So I decide to spend my morning with a hot and sweet-but-not-too-sweet green tea and watching tv! What a typical lazy sunday morning that I loved ♥

5. And guess what, I stuck in the channel plays Shrek The Third! Its me who just barely know or the scripwriter or Shrek the Third has an excellent sense of humour? I cant stop laughing all over the film!

6. I (oh finally after a long time passed without reading a single book) just finish one book today! A children book by Beatrix Potter! Still I can’t get over the fluffyness even until now. I should have to read children books more. Talking about children book, I really missed Roald Dahl’s….

7. I draw quite alot today. You could check it on my instagram.

8. Father brought home a looooooots of fried chickens and beverages and I’m a junkfood eater, so, well yeah….

9. I’m just downloaded Afterlight app on my phone!! There’s a trouble so I cannot use it yet, hopefully tomorrow.

10. I watched “Brain Games” on TV this evening and amazed by the teory of how merchandisers and marketeers use a certain system on human’s brain to softly manipulate them. Formerly I thought it was some kind of strategy to read the markets and nothing to do with science and pschycology but I proved totally wrong!!

11. My beloved big brother gave me an ice cream (it kind of his habit every month ends heheh) and say he no longer working in his current office and decide work nearer from our home and I can’t believe how pleased I am. I mean sometimes as a brother and sister I often find him annoying, but having him nowhere near me is apparently far more annoying. I’m relieved.

12. Everyone in my house seems had a pretty good mood too today ♥

13. Tomorrow is monday and I actually a fanatic member of team I HATE MONDAY but since my exam turn is passed, I have nothing to do on monday and it extreeeeeemely make me so joyful. It’s really magical that your sunday could becoming far more wonderful if you don’t have to face things that you hate on Monday.

14. It still raining tonight and my bed feels a lil bit cold and I ready to doze off dreaming how wonderful a day that those simple things could made.

Good night ♥


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