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Simple & Clean

Photo taken by me, full credits please :)
Photo taken by me, full credits please 🙂

Been down to the sickness since the last post and still not fully healthy now, but yeah, better. Really missed to write here again, so now, while waiting my download complete (Guess what? Hint: MMORPG. Answer: ELSWORD!! XD ), I pour a mug of tea (I willing to sleep after this and I know tea contains caffein, but, blah who cares?) and just willing to make a very-raw-quick post here, so simple and clean, as Utada Hikaru’s song.

Tomorrow I’ll start my intenship period, which is one of the requirements to finish my final paper in order to pass the Yudisium and be graduated this year. I know I’ve said that talking about my daily life is soooo lame but as today I washed and ironed the uniform and laboratory coat as I fully intentioned and ready for tomorrow. Well, my intern place is kinda formal public association under the goverment and I have to make sure everything set as what it should be.

But whatever.

My point is, as I prepared things for tomorrow come, I feel like… the another door is opening. It’s like you play the game, then after gathering points to points, you finally leveled up and the next stage is opened! I know I never enjoy this, the things I have do everyday, but to experience this all, I can’t help the feeling that a new phase of my life has opened up. I can’t help myself to not feel excited and scared for the same time. Like a new kid waiting to explore life.

Apparently life is like a game, with lot of stages to be done and different alternate endings.

Just please help me and make everything go smooth, Ya Allah…

Well, seems like I’m running out of tea and my download is completed and I started to feel dizzy, soon I have to sleep. Tomorrow’s gonna be one of the big days of my life so please wish me luck, okay!

Take care, my lovely wolf fellows ❤


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