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Cat Rhapsody

Now now Instagram really grant me a lots of wonderful things…and persons. So here I found OMOCAT and lusting and drolling and needing over her pieces. tumblrltwxxvfpqf1qegob8o1500 tumblrm0yqhzzrid1qegob8o1500 tumblrlruv3gfgpn1qegob8o1r1500 untitled-2 I mean, not only has a beautiful-meaningful-awesome printed pictures, there’s apparel section too! CAN’T YOU BELIEVE THAT?! And the concept of all models wearing mask is so cool also!!

The MOONGIRL Sweater from MOONGIRL series that I’ve been drolling over kazillion years ❤

slide-image-5 moongirlbag_1024x1024 angel_crew_1024x1024 006_1024x1024 1glitchsmall_1024x1024 And OMORI artworks are all so adorable also, I can staring at them all day ❤ OMORI'S_STORY tumblrm3ulw1fz071qegob8o1r1500 tumblrlwnkd86ssf1r8k88ao1500 IMG_20150305_230638 The apparels is pretty pricey, well reasonable IMHO since I still struggling on how to digital coloring and I know that’s not a skill that people could easily obtained and mastered (unless you are really really gifted, maybe?) but I still have THAT MUCH in my bank and I want want want that $50,00 MOONGIRL Sweater so so so so baadd! TT_TT #cryhard

Random I: I had not have even a single cup of tea this entire week so it so good to finally have one ❤

Random II: I currently listening Aimer over and over again.


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