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A Great Week to Be An Indonesian

I actually can’t wait to write about my recent purchases this week, but every night back from the intern office I’ve already exhausteeed.. No more power to open the laptop… but since it sunday today, here are my babies!

Avenue album from Tokyolite!!!

If you happen to love upbeat easy-weasy light pop-ish rock with a high-technical bass sound and multi-player singer-guitarist then you should check Tokyolite!!! Some of their songs are in Indonesian and some are in english and I heard they have another song in Japanese tittled True Love!

The album is great and I just thinking to make a specified talk/review about it here, yes? 😉

Anyway, my all-time favorite of their song is always be this one:

And if it happen to be not enough, they have some official MV too ❤

And another wonderful purchase of mine is this!!!

Sketches and Artworks Compilation Book by Veleries ❤ ❤ ❤

Thanks to Instagram that I find Veleries and her cool artworks that I wish I could make something with a similar awesomeness. And seems like my prays answered because she sell her works online!!

I can’t stop grinning on the thought of buying this last entire week and when it came the mail on thursday, I’m just so-so-so-so-so delighted!!! Here are my most favorite pages of the book:

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetSee? So neat and beautiful that flipping every pages I couldn’t stop being like: “omg my art is just a trash that I should have to learn mooooooreeee TTTTT^TTTTT”

And not to mention that she is Indonesian too! Can’t I be more proud??! ❤

Anyway anyway, buying something online on weekend really manage my mood on the monday in order to waiting for the purchase to come. Am I the only one that think online purchase is just someone sent a present for me? I should have to do it moooore often;;



now if only I have a big deal of money….



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