My Blabber Side

Bitter Coffee, Fragrant Rain, The Music in My Ear

Convince me, hug me, tightly.

And we tried. Once, twice, third, endless.

The sounds is sweet, fall into the core. We dancing, praying, glimmering, fading.

Still, it so wide and long and far, our endless is end. Where’s the truth, I wondering? I’m a pathetic. I cry all night, in the rotation of why and how and stand still, year by year.

Save me, convince me, hug me, tightly.

It’s a bitter bitter life. So vacant, the road that every steps taken down without any sounds.

This is not a poem, not even a song. I wondering why the words fall beyond edge.

If I runaway now, could I take back my heart that saved by the golden case?

I’m too afraid of taken down.

I’m too afraid of falling all by myself.

The misery is endless, heartless, nobodies. I died to search the truth, all around you.

I’m a display mannequin, ride by fate.

I’m a puppet, played by destiny.

I’m a broken doll. Crushed, smashed, shattered, into the dusts.

Save me, convince me, hug me, kiss me.

That whimsical tones that you sing to me.



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