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Pretty Much About Everything

Life became so weird lately. I used to be an independent person. A free soul. A strict and loyal fellows of independency. Friends and people around me knows very well that nothing I hate more than prohibitations and rules. I more likely be a rule breaker towards many things. I used to think “Why this… Continue reading Pretty Much About Everything

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Tittle: 花言葉 / HANAKOTOBA Written By: Me 漢字: もう四月よねえ、春に花たちが咲いてる 新しくて木漏れ陽がキラキラ見えるのに 君の声もその笑顔もずっと 聞きたいんだよ、見ていたいよ、君が毎日に 花言葉は咲いてるよ、君に送る 意味を分かるのなら教えてよ 近くに入るなんて不思議な、弱虫ばかり 私に答えてよ、花言葉 Translate: It’s already April isn’t it? The time of spring where the flowers are blooming And the sunlight creates a new sparkling shades through the trees and leaves Your voice and your smile always always Be the one that… Continue reading 花言葉