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Lie to me

Know what?

I’ve just tracing back the early months when I start writing in this blog and I found I’ve changed a lot. From someone that is too naive and innocent and high-energy into….how I describe myself today, huh? But my point is, I miss writing something like I was done back then. So free, so pure, so honest. I don’t know why I can’t let myself being that kind anymore.

Well enough of the heart-to-heart melanchony part. What I want to talk now is, if you happen to follow my twitter, you must know that I mumbling and blabbering too much about one specific TV series: Lie to me.

lie to me

No, this Lie to me is not korean drama (I don’t watch k-dramas though) but it’s an american Television series about psychological scientists who help clients regarding their crime case by studying involved person’s microexpressions.

Which is, practically, so damn cool.


Basically I’m too addicted by it right now that I often found watching it during my spare time hohoho. I know, I know, I’m way too late, ain’t I? I knew it since some years ago it played on TV but it just played on not-right hours in not-so-right days so though I find it soo great, I can’t watch it properly, duh! So here I am, download it from the internet and watching it over and over again.

I find that I always attracted by films or shows or that involved psychological issues. I have watched two seasons out of three and so far, my fave is the first episode of season two, The Core of It. Which played out a person with different personas inside her (which I’ve ever read that type of psychological disease but can’t remember now what’s it called).

If you love crime stories (as I am, especially if it’s involving cool tactical ways to solve the cases), I suggests you to watch this one (´。✪ω✪。`)

PS: does anyone here know how to do fruit detox? I willing to do it since I, *cough* loving fruits so much*cough* and I fall sick easily these days so I have to do SOMETHING with this body. (●´⌓`●)


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