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Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme

Yesterday I marathoned this particular miniseries by Cartoon Network called Over the Garden Wall.


Ok, it may sounds weird despite that I’m a tragedic-and-gore story freak some years ago but now I hate hate hate sad and depressing and tragedic story. It’s good that it didn’t have sad ending (if that case, I can hate it more), but it still creepy and feels like… the tales of unfortunate events by Lemony Snickets, seriously. Absolutely not that it copying or something, it just have a similar weird and creepy atmosphere inside and I can’t take it. It’s too dangerous 😦

But I don’t know why I fall in love by the simple artwork. It’s classical and dark I love.

By the way, I practically been singing and humming this song a lot for the past few days. From the time that my mother love it ’till the point that she has been sick and told me to be quiet LOL

A life updates: My final paper has reach the climax stage, my final paper assembly will happen around three weeks ahead, which is, arround the corner and I’m stressing a lot but also fangirling a lot.

Another life updates: Ramadhan has been coming, thank You Allah. Thank You so so much. I always loved it.

My Fangirl Side

Child Of Light

Lately I’ve playing one specific PS3 game, called Child of Light.


It’s a RPG game based on Sleeping Beauty (slash Cinderella?) fairytale with the heroine named Aurora.


Well I’m not a gamer so I’m not playing so many games, but this is, basically, the most magnificent game I’ve ever played.

The plot of the story is flawless and I love the concept of ancient fairytales that they using old english and talk in rhymes, (which is sometimes I need a longer time to understand what they’re actually talked about -_-)

And not to tell, the visualization itself is perfectly awesome.




And I love the battle system where there’s a track to cast and to stand by that we have to overcome the foe (s) to beat them up and Igniculus could do so things with wishes there to slowing down the foes and to pull of party’s HP.

And, ah, one more thing: Little Aurora is so adorable ❤ (Yes, only the little Aurora, because moon and sun Aurora is plenty of no for me 😦 )


I’ve finish played the normal mode once and kind of dissapointed because it so beautiful to be ended so fast 😦 But I’ll play the hard mode soon so let see if there’s some kind of alternative endings.

Bonus: Literally the only song I’ve played this entire week.