My Blabber Side

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme

Yesterday I marathoned this particular miniseries by Cartoon Network called Over the Garden Wall.


Ok, it may sounds weird despite that I’m a tragedic-and-gore story freak some years ago but now I hate hate hate sad and depressing and tragedic story. It’s good that it didn’t have sad ending (if that case, I can hate it more), but it still creepy and feels like… the tales of unfortunate events by Lemony Snickets, seriously. Absolutely not that it copying or something, it just have a similar weird and creepy atmosphere inside and I can’t take it. It’s too dangerous šŸ˜¦

But I don’t know why I fall in love by the simple artwork. It’s classical and dark I love.

By the way, I practically been singing and humming this song a lot for the past few days. From the time that my mother love it ’till the point that she has been sick and told me to be quiet LOL

A life updates: My final paper has reach the climax stage, my final paper assembly will happen around three weeks ahead, which is, arround the corner and I’m stressing a lot but also fangirling a lot.

Another life updates: Ramadhan has been coming, thank You Allah. Thank You so so much. I always loved it.


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