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Runway Runway

If I asked who are my inspirations, please don’t expect me to spit a cliche answer such as “My mom” or “My dad” or “My parents” like any other kids should be. I mean, they are my diamonds and I will do anything and sacrifice my everything for them, but they aren’t exactly my inspirations.

My inspirations comes from many things, many different places, many people, from a most random places. So I can’t name you just a single or two name(s), but maybe some rows hahah.

But if I have to answer more specifically, I would say that my inspirations is everyone whom are passionate about their passion, and passionate about their talents.

And that’s why I’m a huge fan of a reality competition show such a Project Runway, Master Chef, and Asia’s Next Top Model (it’s specifically Asia because I haven’t watch any other tho). Their struggle is real, and the fact that they drop dead done everything to fight their passion and life goal, it can’t be more meaningful for me. From them I learn many things and I learn so much.

For Project Runway, I’ve been watched it since I was about 12, yet that time I was such a blank canvas eager to experienced colors of life, and it teach me so much more glitrery colors that I’ve ever imagined before. Well think about it, maybe Project Runway contributed some big things for me being who I am today.


So recently I’ve marathon watching Asia’s Next Top Model cycle 3 (I tell you, I supossed to be studying though hahahah)


And my darling girl crushes are Gani and Melissa ❤ Not just they have talents and naturally model instinct, they are also humble and gentle and dearly. Ab-so-lu-te-ly love love love them!



Well just cut out my blabber, will I? Lemme’ finish this cycle then I go back to study. I promise!


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