My Blabber Side · My Chaotic Philosophy

Recover and Preach


I’ve been wondering lately, what friend actually is. Is that as simple as ‘people who say hi for you constantly’ or ‘people who follows you and likes your posts on social medias’ or ‘people who telling nice things for you always’ or what. What else? Suddenly the profound things becomes shallow and vague.

I’ve made too many distance and space lately. Realized or not. Intention or accidental. It’s not hate, obviously. But I tried not to be fake or wear a mask as possible as I could. But then again, I do it again and again and again. Plastic smiles and laughs and nice acts. Compiled. Nauseated.

Humans are social creatures, that’s the reason? I wondering. No matter what, to be accepted, aquired, qualified, would be the final goals in the end.

But no, no, that’s too dangerous and risky. What’s the point of being accepted if you can be thrown away easily the next day. Everybody hates liar.

But everybody hates rotten honesty too.

Wait. It’s confusing.

Before all, it actually just a simple answer of “What’s me for you” and “What’s you for me” questions. But I don’t need more artificial reason-over-reason anymore.

And, I guess, we all aren’t.


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