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For Life, Choose One That Matter The Most

I came home with such a frustration. I threw away my stilettos, yes that pretty killer (in a literal way) stilettos that broke both of my banks and feet. I started rambling the kitchen, ‘I need coffee’ I said to myself. I need coffee as if I need drugs. A little teaspoon of sugar, because… Continue reading For Life, Choose One That Matter The Most

My Blabber Side · My Chaotic Philosophy

Embrace The ‘Healthier’ Life

By writing ‘Healthier’ here, no no, I don’t mean eat greens and be vegetarian or by any means of phrase “Healthy Life’ mostly people relating to. It just something, simple things, rather too simple that we somehow can’t figure it out. In this rapid globalization and techno expansion I just found out that we somehow… Continue reading Embrace The ‘Healthier’ Life

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Recently I:

I addicted to: SMOOTHIE!! Especially apple-banana-combine-with-everything smoothies! Yummy! Looking for A Job A great full-time job related to e-commerce bussiness would be nice! (Especially the one which related to fashion, makeup, lifestyle, and homeliving) Addicted to Death Note Live Action Drama! Though it has a different characterizing of the characters than the movies and anime… Continue reading Recently I: