My Blabber Side · My Photography Junkie

Recently I:

  • I addicted to: SMOOTHIE!!

Especially apple-banana-combine-with-everything smoothies! Yummy!

  • Looking for A Job

A great full-time job related to e-commerce bussiness would be nice! (Especially the one which related to fashion, makeup, lifestyle, and homeliving)

  • Addicted to Death Note Live Action Drama!

Though it has a different characterizing of the characters than the movies and anime did, different plot and execution twists and all, it’s truly RECOMMENDED! Please watch it!

  • Digging Over Matcha Latte

Because, WHY NOT?

  • Learning Various Foreign Languages

Or so I thought I would. Demanding myself to learn Japanese, Germany and polishing my English in the same time, scheduled in a week but end up in a most EPIC fails. Poor me ha-ha-hah.

Extra: Anyway my phone is dead and I dying of taking photos and play with camera. So here I am, opening my old folders and uploading my old picture. Pity, I know.



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