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Embrace The ‘Healthier’ Life

By writing ‘Healthier’ here, no no, I don’t mean eat greens and be vegetarian or by any means of phrase “Healthy Life’ mostly people relating to. It just something, simple things, rather too simple that we somehow can’t figure it out. In this rapid globalization and techno expansion I just found out that we somehow gain so many things, and losing another as well. So before the society became too cyber either too sick, there are maybe some lifehacks to balance it, and feel free to discover your own!

1. Read Something that isn’t in Your Screen, Regularly
I used to be a bookworm since I was a little girl, I read every day and everything, a book, a novel, a manga, newspaper, magazines, tabloid, name it! I read three books in a months in my most average rate and in my prime condition, I even can finish 500 pages novel just in half-day. My reading speed was so whimsical.

But since my college and organization madness peak about one year ago began, I tend to didn’t had any time to read. Then I discovered digital media and used it often since then, quite too often maybe. There’s no more book review in my blog starting lately this year, so you can see the evidence clearly. I haven’t read anything, at least not properly.

The words are neither too deep nor too long in social medias, even in a blog. No one can beat the wordplay of a book can do. So, now I found my capability of reading decreased drastically. However, being a good reader is so important for our life. Reading increasing our understanding. Towards either human and environment. It also gain our patience and how to control our pace. As I said earlier, digital life we live nowadays growing so fast, sometimes too fast that it so easy for us to be frustrated and consumed.

Reading is the great alternative to neutralized it, some kind of therapy, in a easiest and cheapest way. So once in a while, log out your social media accs, turn off your phone, grab a book, and read it. Maybe with a nice cup of hot chocolate beside. Perfect.

2. Write Something Everyday

It’s shame, but since I have no classes anymore (I graduated last month) I never actually write in a paper. I TEXT and TYPE, but not WRITE. And once I had to write, I found my fingers stiff and my hand-writings comes out looking so clumsy. SHAME.

So before this happen with you (or maybe you have?) just stash your keypad or keyboard and writing with a pen and paper by your hand REGULARLY.

3. Walk More Often

Ever since I have my motorbike, I rarely walk. Seriously. Even in a short trip to the convenient store nearby which is just few hundreds meter. Then lately I found that I tired easily, I’m not energized like I used to be. I’m not used to walk anymore, so starts then I have to change my habit. If the distance allow me to, I tend to walk. I walk more. Kind of hard actually but it bring much more good advantages, trust me.

So, walk. Whether it’s a motorbike or car or helicopter you own, don’t be a spoilt kid. Use your feet.


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