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Another Kind of Healing

I have this habit to listen Linkin Park while I feeling pressured. It’s not a straight remedy like those mental helpers–or Diazepams–does (do they really?). But Linkin Park has statement lyrics of many psychotic feelings, and I think, compared to the mental helpers, that kind of same. I mean, psychiatrists are expensive. And Diazepam is… Continue reading Another Kind of Healing

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My Rules of Life

1. Allah is My Almighty and Muhammad is My Life Guide I am a moslem, and Insya Allah will always be moslem until infinity. 2. No Alcohol, No Smoke, No Outside-Marital Sex, No Drugs Because my parents raised me with such a well-behaviors and I live in a well-mannered environment. 3. No Bad Words and No… Continue reading My Rules of Life

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Rumble Mumble

Tell me why I’m such a lazyhead these days? I doing so many things and nothing at the same time. Even that I have enough time, I left my blog just like that. Pfft…. Know what, since I’m so random these days (actually, and the other days too) I feel like throwing those pieces of… Continue reading Rumble Mumble