My Chaotic Philosophy

Don’t you Agree?


Don’t you think earth would be better if we don’t take too much? Gold, diamond, chopper, silver. Mining and digging, I mean. We had been abused her too much.

Don’t you think earth will be better if we don’t searching too much excuse and reason on why we should protect animals? Because they deserve to live. As simple as that.

Don’t you think world would be better if we don’t think too much about value? The world made completely with their own value before us, no need to questioning it too much.

Don’t you think the world would be better if we not afraid to dreaming too high if it’s about humanity and world peace? For every ten dreams I believe three of them will come true if we do fairly moderate work and nine of them will come true if we do extremely hardwork and kind behaviour.

Don’t you think the world would be better if we don’t have an impulsive intention to BUILDING new intead of IMPROVING existed. Why so many humanity foundations appear and seems like tackling each other? Why we have to compete if we have the same goal? Collaborate makes efficient and BIGGER thing.

Don’t you think the world would be better if we DO something?

My Artist Side

If I Could Describe Myself as A Color:


Pantone 1815 C, which currently doesn’t have a name yet (believe me, I seaching so hard to get the right code for that kind of red I exactly imagine).

Should I named ‘her’ myself? Do you think Rotten Apple is a good color name?

Or Burgundy Witch?

or Marry Me, Jean? (Wait, what?)


I’m Available

FOR WORK! heheheh


I have a HIGH HIGH HIGH interest towards Fashion & Beauty / Lifestyle / Creative Industry / E-commerce & Retail Business / Food & Beverages / Games Developer / Book Publisher and I’m ready to mingle the world of Branding & Marketing / Copywriter or Content Writer / Creative Production Staff / Social Media Officer.

I’m available to be a fulltimer over Jakarta (ID) areas and freelancer over the rest of the world! Just email me anytime and we can start talking about new exciting projects together!

Sounds good, right?

My Blabber Side

Transformation (Pt. 2)

Hint another something on my blog?? *wink wink*

Yes, finally after THREE years, I change the theme! Yay!

It’s been more than a while I adored something looks fresh and simple. I feel more attached reading blogs with cleaner looks and a little hint of colors. Thus I thinking about my own and I feel become more… How to say again? Dizzy. And Noisy.

I mean I loved darker colors more, of course, but anything with cleaner looks really makes me feel good right now. But, if you talk with me, of course a cleaner with a hint of whimsicality so I add color and re-customizing the fonts and widgets. I really annoyed with the current header tho I made it about two years ago. I’ll definitely replace it when I have time (I currently has mid-term exam in my present NEW uni).

Some of you maybe confused why I making fuss about this, I mean, it just a theme blog, right? But for me, this platform becoming my sanctuary. My place to go back and think and reflect. It has some kind of psychological effect to my ever-changing-psychological-issue self. So themes is clearly such a big deal. Hehehe.

Anyway, rain starting to fall here in Indonesia. I always. Always. Always love it.