My Blabber Side

Transformation (Pt. 2)

Hint another something on my blog?? *wink wink*

Yes, finally after THREE years, I change the theme! Yay!

It’s been more than a while I adored something looks fresh and simple. I feel more attached reading blogs with cleaner looks and a little hint of colors. Thus I thinking about my own and I feel become more… How to say again? Dizzy. And Noisy.

I mean I loved darker colors more, of course, but anything with cleaner looks really makes me feel good right now. But, if you talk with me, of course a cleaner with a hint of whimsicality so I add color and re-customizing the fonts and widgets. I really annoyed with the current header tho I made it about two years ago. I’ll definitely replace it when I have time (I currently has mid-term exam in my present NEW uni).

Some of you maybe confused why I making fuss about this, I mean, it just a theme blog, right? But for me, this platform becoming my sanctuary. My place to go back and think and reflect. It has some kind of psychological effect to my ever-changing-psychological-issue self. So themes is clearly such a big deal. Hehehe.

Anyway, rain starting to fall here in Indonesia. I always. Always. Always love it.


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