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New Trend Alert: Been Bullied


I kind of irritated with the talkshow inviting famous people (mostly in this case, celebrities) then have a flashback-ish conversation and the famous person admit “I was bullied back then.”

Well, it maybe believable if it said by one or two, but ALL of them?

Main Story.

I dont know why and how, but “been (or being) bullied” seems like a trend nowadays. So many people admiting they have been bullied in their past life, so proud as if they are happy with the fact. I mean, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU GUYS?

I never been bullied. It’s true that my junior high school days was not easy back then, but I do not consider it as bullying. But I knew some people who was, and just recalling them makes my heart aches. Most of them don’t want to talk nor remember it anymore, while the other ones burst on cries as the topic goes deep.

The real bullying is so heartbreaking, out of humanity. Some might suffer physical injury(es) but the emotional pains can stain for a long time, even sometimes can’t be healed and possibly occuring nightmare.

So I don’t know how to react to some people who admit themselves have been bullied, with such a large smile and glittering eyes. Does the story about been bullied make some people feel superior, I wonder? Like, they want to prove everyone that they are so strong to get up and achieve something sensational in the present time. To prove that they are part of such an admirable process. Of course we have to encourage the bullying victims in a most possible way but seems that way had been mistaken by people who seeking self-acknowledgement, for their own advantages. It is so wrong.

I knew a model who acclaimed that she had been bullied in the high school by friends called her ‘Cockroach’.



There are absolutely HUGE different between BULLYING and CASUAL FIGHTING, bitch please. If there’s people mocked you, stabbed you, bad-mouthed you, belittled you, whereas there’s actually a possibility that you can fight them back like Xena or be cool and IDGAF like Wednesday Addams, it doesn’t gives you reason to acclaim “BEEN BULLIED”, because bullying is not as simple as that.


Stop playing victim of the fight that you are actually didn’t into. There are so many REAL bullying victims out there that we have to concern and encourage and there’s no time for anyone who pretend to be one of them (the real victims) just for seeking attention and acknowledgement.



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