My Chaotic Philosophy

#LearnToday: Note to Self

I learnt that no matter how worst our life and no matter how crushed our mentality, it doesn’t mean people around us have to feel the same. Throw anger and being rude is reckless and childish.

And that was I did everytime.

I currently have an unstable emotions due to so many rejections and denials I’ve encountered these past months. Therefore I have to take control of myself. Please, no way scream, yell, shout, swear, and unintentional cynical tone.

By the way, probably by eating more sweets can help.


2 thoughts on “#LearnToday: Note to Self

    1. I’ve consuming so-called low sugars for almost two years so I wondering about more sugars instead heheh, but no worries, if it isn’t works than I’ll go back to less sugar. Absolutely agree for the rest part! I getting to love cooking somehow! 😀

      Anyway, thank you for the comment, dear! 🙂


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