My Blabber Side

20 Things I’ve Accomplished in 2015



I haven’t thinking about annual evaluation like it always been per year but now all blame to latest Frankie Magazine for me having this idea to make the list.

Usually I just managed to cross-check my bucket list but I came to the conclusion that not too many to crossed this year *sobs* so I thought it would be better if I write what I’ve accomplished instead.


Main Story

  1. Been a legal motorcycle driver
  2. And mastered driving it in the middle of rainstorm
  3. Finished my final asssignment
  4. And graduated from college
  5. Learnt French
  6. Mastered stiletto (actually NO, but at least no slip, no fall, nothing embarassment happen in 7 hours I wore it)
  7. Continued my study to bachelor degree
  8. Learnt crocheting
  9. Lauched my online shop (check it here!! But, currently shipping across Indonesia only)
  10. Makeover-ed (?) my blog
  11. Noticed by Chris Do TWO times on instagram
  12. Had two job interviews (I nailed both, but just accepted by one of them, sadly)
  13. Got paid once from my freelance job
  14. Learn how to cook (mainly pancakes and veggies soup)
  15. Succefully dragged myself to dance again (even tho for only 25 seconds of korean modern-dance)
  16. Knew and started reading Frankie (which will be my favorite magazine EVER)
  17. Learnt a lot about branding, marketing, and stuffs
  18. Started using pad watercolor
  19. Learnt how to properly use eyeliner and lipstick
  20. Have three people confessed that they are a big fan of me, it felt surreal!



And now it’s time to make another bucket list,


that most probably uncross-able too next year *frantical laugh*


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