My Writer Side

January Book Mini-Haul


My loves for shopping art supplies is always a big one, and somehow now it goes for clothes and shoes too. But guess I always genuinely a nerd person inside so this impulsive disease for buying (and hoarding) books is undefeated.

Now that my books been borrowed by some of friends, I find my bookshelf kinda less densed than ever and somehow makes me feels having not enough book supplies. So I went bookstore this afternoon after the class (YES, I have classes on SUNDAY).

GOOD NEWS: I found this books in such a great deal of price, not even half of the actual price was! And I had to struggle for not buying too many (Thanks God I didn’t bring enough cash LOL).


Main Story

1. The Child Thief by Brom



2. The Magic Thief by Sarah Pineas



3. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum



Will eat (you what I mean huh?) all of these as fast as I can, stay tune for the reviews! ❤


Still feel like to buy Nightshade and Black Beauty though, maybe I should come again to the bookstore tomorrow?


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