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Gloomy Sunday is My Favorite Kind of Sunday

I slept in the late of 3.00 AM today and it was raining so hard. Then I wake up in the late of noon and it still raining. I can’t even express how pleased I am, despite that I have class this afternoon.

I think I’m gonna make some pancakes for the (extremely) late breakfast, before going out for the class. I’m craving for pancakes.

Anyway, currently learning the bass part of this:

using my guitar, as always, and I think I should buy a new one because it’s broken already and sounds so wrong now and I’m in dilemma whether I should buy a nylon or steel one.

Suggests, anyone?

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A New INFP-member in The Gang

Just took MBTI Personality test in a few websites and eventho the percentages are all not constantly the same, always got the same results!


Click the pic for the details!
Click the pic for the details!
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Proyek “Gramedia Writing Project”

Hampir dua tahun lamanya saya berhenti nulis fiksi dan hal itu rupanya berdampak lebih besar dari yang saya kira. Bagi saya yang sebelumnya banyak mengandalkan tulisan, mengungkapkan pemikiran semakin lama jadi semakin sulit akhir-akhir ini karena lisan bukanlah keahlian saya (di samping saya yang memang introvert, sih).

Maka saya kembali menulis lagi.

Oke, MENCOBA kembali menulis lagi.

Tolong semangati saya. #gayamajuperang

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NB: Unfortunately my writings are using only Bahasa Indonesia and no English. Sorry, foreign pals. 😦

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Movie Review: Amelie


Rating: 4.2/5
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Cast: Audrey Tautou (Amelie), Mathiew Kassovitz (Nino), Serge Merlin (Dufayel)
Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Music: Yann Tiersen
Releases: 2001


I’m definitely not an ace of a movie critic, honestly, I know nothing. But since I never review any movie here and I just watched such a good one, I thought, why not?

Setted in a wonderful sephia tone of Paris, Amelie lives as a eccentric-shy-introverted young woman. The charm lies in her affection towards details and little things people do not giving attention, that she leap troughout the city of dream like a fairy. Spreading hope and happiness towards her dazzling whimsicality. And the “dazzling whimsicality” by any chance meaning a whimsical–quirky–way on playing an indirect game with people heart and mind to give them joy.

One day, Amelie fall in love with Nino, a unusual man with completely nonsense hobbies but she is not a straighforward person, instead she play with another game of cat-and-mouse chasing around the city, including photograph album and a mysterious man inside.

The jokes are practical yet ambiguous, not as straight as the one you can see in ordinary sitcom tho, you can just laugh right away and after that you’ll wondering what are you actually laughing at. The characters itself are sumptuous, especially those who swirl around Amelie, and the good thing? They played it alive in the audiences mind. The plot flowing like a spectrum graphic rate, it can go very slow then very fast then whatever. It gives me hangover, like Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

And the things that drag me to this movie basically because Yann Tiersen. I’ve been listening Yann Tiersen’s whimsical works for several ambiguous moments of my life and his pieces here are literally the best. It blends well with the Paris-scape and 1970’s fashion, Coco Channel definitely leave some of them freedom of expression.

At the end, happy ending is my favorite kind of ending (after alternative ending, because alternate endings gives more exploreable feelings, people who play RPGs must understand this) and I loved this from start to end. Tho it should rated D–Dangerous, hahah–for the explicit contents, I think this movie is worth to watch.

And guys, since this review based on my subjective view–as always–so another thoughts in the comment section are welcome!

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Newly-Spring Playlist


This past two weeks, beside the my typical Japanese Rock and UTAITE, I frequently listening to indie and light irish tunes, this is a new thing tho.





Just thinking to sign-up to a dance class after the 9-5 routines on weekdays.

What do you think, guys?