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Hormonal Turbulence

“Oh gosh, why it have to be rain right in my lowest state of mind tonight?”

“You said you never hating rain?”

“I currently hating everything.”

“Why are you seems so feed up, darling?”

“Know what? I currently asking and begging so many things to God. Too much, that seems like I messing with His life”

“Like what?”

“I just kept asking Him why He seems like playing my life yet everyone claimed that He loves me. God loves all of His creatures and treat them with undefeatable affection, they say.”

“You say you believe in God yet you kept asking His way to love you. Everyone has a different and slightly eccentrical way to show their affection, I guess. And if it’s God, then we have no choice.”

“Exactly. We never have a choice. In fact.” I grunt.

“So what’s wrong?”


“Give me example.”

“He always take my beloved one out of me. He cheat on all my hard hard works. He makes me have to do everything and anything all alone. He make me feel left and unwanted. He doesn’t treat every human in the world equally the same. I feel so consumed. I know He care, but why He always makes me go through this hard way. For many years, no one knows exactly how hard I struggled yet it seems like not enough for Him! Can you believe it? What else should I do to please Him?”

“Whoa, careful of what you thinking, Darling. I guess we doesn’t have to continue this talk.”

“Another avoidance that I’m so tired of.”

“You know, I think you are just tired. Physically as human and psychologically as an introvert.”

“Yeah, maybe you’re right.”

My Chaotic Philosophy

Insightful Sunday, Here’s Why:



Not Oprah Winfrey nor another important and ‘big’ person I am tho, but I learnt many things today and I think I have to share because sharing is caring and blabbering is exciting.

Main Story

1. I think I’m getting mastered the art of academic presentation.

I still surprised by how well I enjoyed disscussion or powerpoint presentation session in class (gentle remind: I have classes on Sat and Sun, suck isn’t?) despite how introvert and insecure I am honestly. Btw, has some academic presentation tips that I eager to shared since forever. Up soon so just stay tune!

2. Indonesian are consumptive brats and has unreasonable and illogical combination of pride + prestige.

We have to admit it, pals.

3. It so easy to be indoctrinated if we’re confine our mindset on the one side only.

We can have our own words but as well as pledge, it so important to learn another things too. It’s not about rambling, I think it’s about expand our knowledge in order to have a bigger mindset. Every great misconceptions can comes even from the smallest mistake that mindset does. Sometimes you can be surprised by how well one particular matter can be solved easily by perceiving from both side of the party, as well as it happened to me. And the more we know, it can be so easy to recognized which the is true and false of the principles that people serve right to our face. It’s not easy to doctrinized a person who has a lot of knowledge.

4. I believe that PLUS (+) times MINUS (-) equal to NEUTRAL (0)

And it’s applied to every single thing in and on the solar system. Be it dead or alive. We all born as neutral, consist the same amount of plus and minus. Because the neutral keep everything balanced, eventho it occur in the way that we human can’t comprehend.

5. I know this last one is useless, but:

I had an unbearable drowsiness for this entire day that I had to fight for it NONSTOP to keep my eyes opened during the classes. Lack of sleep, anyone, is such a pain for a people like me who thinks sleep is the most luxurious remedy of all.


Watched it this evening and it made me so touched.

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#CurrentObsession: Vikings the Series

Main Story

I’m not so into draw or even book-reading lately, I’m becoming…Series Freak instead!! So I currently catching up (read: binge-watching) this particular series tittled Vikings.

I’m not gonna review nor talk a lot about it because it’s a long-tiring Saturday and I’ve ready to hit my bed already (okay. Blabbering. Again). Just comes out with the third season and I think I’ve been too obsessed already that I don’t want it to end. (Michael Hirst you can just make it lasts to 10 seasons and I will never get sick, promise!)


The character building is awesome, the conflicts is awesome, the setting is, well, not well-built if I may say, but who cares?! I shipping Lagertha already because, gosh, she is the one whom evey females want to be: strong, brave, beautiful, holding authority, have a fine fine son, and so on (and it just me or Lagertha really look like Avril Lavigne sometimes?).

Man, Vikings the Series is awesome and I think of willing to watch another series with the similar feeling after finishing the season 4, like, Game of Thrones maybe? (yea I haven’t watch GoT yet, what’s your problem?) But whatever, the season 5 will releases this year and hurrah to not have to waiting sucha’ months per season!



Flash life-update: work is great, uni is great, family is great, my life is currently great. Well, not that really, but I enjoyed my life everyday eventho I HATE to wake up in the morning.

Thanks God.