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#CurrentObsession: Vikings the Series

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I’m not so into draw or even book-reading lately, I’m becoming…Series Freak instead!! So I currently catching up (read: binge-watching) this particular series tittled Vikings.

I’m not gonna review nor talk a lot about it because it’s a long-tiring Saturday and I’ve ready to hit my bed already (okay. Blabbering. Again). Just comes out with the third season and I think I’ve been too obsessed already that I don’t want it to end. (Michael Hirst you can just make it lasts to 10 seasons and I will never get sick, promise!)


The character building is awesome, the conflicts is awesome, the setting is, well, not well-built if I may say, but who cares?! I shipping Lagertha already because, gosh, she is the one whom evey females want to be: strong, brave, beautiful, holding authority, have a fine fine son, and so on (and it just me or Lagertha really look like Avril Lavigne sometimes?).

Man, Vikings the Series is awesome and I think of willing to watch another series with the similar feeling after finishing the season 4, like, Game of Thrones maybe? (yea I haven’t watch GoT yet, what’s your problem?) But whatever, the season 5 will releases this year and hurrah to not have to waiting sucha’ months per season!



Flash life-update: work is great, uni is great, family is great, my life is currently great. Well, not that really, but I enjoyed my life everyday eventho I HATE to wake up in the morning.

Thanks God.


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