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it’s pretty toxic.

I guess, for some reason, being amongst of social media stream is not always appropriate for people with social anxiety. We hurt ourselves if we tend to do that, the thing that every marketeers and branding profesionals adviced: dive and clubbing in the middle of heads all around us.

I guess, this is wrong. Instagram has always been such a Pinterest to me. Like a holy chamber to seek for inspirations or any aesthetical purpose. But since I try to opened up myself in order to be more extravert, sociable, decent, and proper, I allows myself to connect and be connected to some acquaintances, that I actually haven’t any comfortability to. And so this is happen.

I guess, tracing back why I feel like intoxicated everytime I scroll my timeline, is because so many outsiders’s life throws into me, that I don’t even have any intention to accept or even react. So many broken privacy in just short amount of time. It offends me in some how, some way.

We introverts tends to keep our circle small. It’s not that we cannot maintain social interaction, instead because we can’t opened up that easy. Thereby, introverts privacy is a strict region. It’s so fragile that if you break it, you figuratively break everything inside. It’s adequately lethal.

I guess, I will stop using instagram for some time now. It’s easier than breaking all the connections because I’m socially awkward and anxious and it’s cost a lot of my energy.


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