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#TheMorningTales 2 : How Comparison Got Us Vulnerable



I woke up not in my own bed this morning, it’s my friend’s. We had a girlfriends sleepover for the sake of the uni tasks and homeworks. Darn, darn. This always happen by less one time per month.

No complain, no complain.

Main Story

So I had to left out very early today. Like I’ve said that I hate morning as well, I hate sun more so opt for leaving early sometimes is the best thing afterall before the giant bright monster rising high to seize the day.

Too early for my office to be opened, I dragged myself to the eatery nearby. I go to the same place that I talked about in the latest post. Too bad, my favorite corner has been taken. Perplexed, for about three minutes I just walked around to find a ‘right’ place. No table felt more ‘right’ than my number 1 corner, so, yeah, whatever.

My phone battery will be dead in no time. Better finish my homework right now or my lecturer will rolling all around trying to bring my academic mentality down in front of other colleagues.

Phew. The life of a student (slash worker).

People come and go as the time goes by. People-watching is not really my aesthetic, actually, but since Cal Lightman comes to my life, I found it amusing sometimes. What a nice and generous place to hang out, this eatery, so people from every social classification are free to arrive and flew out.

Then the gang of young moms came in. Them, along with the various of colors and scents they brought, caught my eyes even more than spreadsheet in front of my eyes.

“What a nice life,” was the only thing I thought.

What kind of younger days they have fought?

How hard was their past time?

What have they done for life?

For the past months, I growing up became so judgemental and have a tendency to comparing every each things. This is wrong and lethal, it’s obvious. But I dont’ know how to stop the stream.

‘What’s the point of doing this afterall?’ Everyday I asked myself. I know I am one of them who combating their existential crisis constantly.

Well, well, all I can do is cut down all of the overflowing thoughts. I should just go out before it became more toxic.

So there I go, shut down the Mac and spur my motorbike asap.

Because, anyway, it’s almost the time to work.


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