#TheMorningTales · English · My Blabber Side

#TheMorningTales 3: I’m in a Good Mood

  1. I chatted my mom thru whatsapp about family Turkey vacation and despite that whether it would happen or no, talking about holiday feel such a bliss already.
  2. (After a long debate last night with lil bro about what kind of hat is Frank Sinatra’s hat actually) I will buy a fedora hat this evening for him as a props for his upcoming English storytelling competition. Despite that his win or loss in the future, I’m so proud of my baby brother already.
  3. All along the road to work today, I just thinking about my longing for painting. Been a long while since I draw using acrylic. Okay, buy a canvas this evening. Positive. Excited.
  4. Because talks about Frank Sinatra last night, I really miss Nat King Cole’s and Russ Columbo’s voice that reminds me of the old disney films that Mickey-Minnie, Donald-Daisy, Goofy-Pluto, Chips-Dale, starred in my childhood days. Thus it takes me wondered if there’s any of their new films nowadays? For all of recent-released Disney films mainly a short movies playing outer-realms characters. I miss Goofy and Pluto and Uncle Gober 😦

Have a nice day, you too 😀


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