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Steel Heart

Because heartbreak is not always about love, not always about a thread (be it red or not) between opposite-sex (or even same) human. Heartbreak, I think, it’s about losing. Hope, dream, stars, dust. You can’t get it, you lose it. The more massive the thing you lose, the stronger your heart supposedly prepared. End of story.

It’s funny that dashing  out of the house and aimlessly wandering the town could be a kind of theraphy, moreover if the town is not your own. But somehow it’s not working tho.

As a child, we could throw on the tantrums on anything, recklessly. Screaming, kicking, crying. But child is child, it will just go on while the grown-ups have much more pins and needles in the head. So deep deep the dark forest, far more dangerous that it seems to be. Therefore the heartbreak is real, it undeniable and unavoidable.

But, I guess, we can’t found armor equipments and installations for the heart no matter how much we willing to pay, are us? As an adults, have to heal it ourselves, aren’t us?

Well, good luck, if so. For the shake of the heart.

And us, who willing to chew and gulp all the sickness inside.

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