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Book Review: Memories by Lang Leav


Author: Lang Leav
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2015
Pages: 243 Pages
Rating: ★ of ★★★★★


I heard Lang Leav a lot before, like, A LOT. Especially on Instagram where all people tend to be so poetic with a cutoff of emotional poem as the caption for some unrelated images (no, I’m not pinpointing on some of Indonesia’s fashion bloggers and instacelebs, believe me, I’m not).

I, as a person who never been into poetry, was hardly impressed and have zero intention to read the real book by Leav. But, well, what to say if I found my office friend have it on her desk and the cover is so beautiful and she sit next to me so I could see the beauty of the book everytime I turn my head? So I borrowed it right away from her.


Main Story

Memories basically a book of poetry of thoughts and feelings, of a lost love and deep longing emotions in a girl’s mind. It’s all written down ranging from a few stanzas to flash fiction to some paragraphs of prose .

This is the most beautiful book I’ve ever seen, literally. I talked about the hardcover made of red dove and blue velvet material, with a classical contemporary potrait style and feminine fonts that used in the cover. The layout inside, too, has similar beautiful setup, and not to forget the picture in early book draws you–as a reader.


But let alone the beautiful cover and all because reading this has taught me a lot to never judge the book by it’s cover. You see, although there’s a lot of pieces in every each pages, written in different tittles and forms, they are all tedious and lack of depth. Repeating the same thoughts over and over again with same flawful punctuations and pauses.

Leav use  distinct and non-metaphorical words, without intention to make the readers think a lot, that makes it an easy-read for the teens. But I always fall in love with literature pieces that uses peculiar phrases to draws the specific literal meaning, which, in my opinion, is an essential element of a poetry, which don’t get it here

I’m not an avid reader of poetry nor I know a lot about them so I can’t really depict a precise review of it. But anyway, I’m not feeling impressed.


Nevertheless, Memories by Lang Leav is my first poem book. And I give one star to my first poem books.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Memories by Lang Leav

  1. Having never read this book, I can’t confirm or deny your comments about us contents. However, I agree with you about being very deliberate with the words to convey the exact meaning, or at least lead readers in a certain direction and let them go from there. Not having any depth is the worst part about writing, and that includes poetry. Don’t assume that all poetry is bad because this particular book (and the author) is particularly horrid. 😊


    1. Hey Sarah! First of all thank you so much for reading and commenting 😄

      Yes you’re right, judging generally by merely based on a few sources is not fair. So me, in the other hand, have to read more as well I believe.

      Nice to have you in my blog, Sarah! 😄

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