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#Soliloquy about Outer World and Everything in Between

“Can’t you believe it? They’re just cramped me out.”

“I failed to see what’s you point. She said that you worth it and he said this is your time. “


“You know what, you keep telling me about your dreams, each of them, until I got everything in my subconscious mind, then the earth give you exactly what you’ve been dreaming for and now you tried to evade them?”

“It just…. I don’t know whether it is right or it was merely me blinded by diamonds and pearls. Now I’m thinking about it and apparently it quite frightening.”

“Going out of your comfort zone always frightening, you asked for them first. Now I can’t understand.”

“I think I don’t want to go out.”

“Go out from where? You think you’re in it already? In your comfort zone? I can tell you how much you’ve been whinning to win my arguments but no, I’ll just reminds you that we’re on a same boat that sailing in the middle of stormy ocean, darling. No one of us is safe. What do you asking for?”

“I don’t know I’m so thrilled. Or perhaps it just because the hangover of Black Swan which I had been watched this evening. I understand the feeling when something that you’ve been longing forever makes you insane.”

“It draws you well?”

“It draws me well. Now I’m afraid of myself. I’m afraid of everything that I wanted. From the distance we can state an iceberg is enchanting until we come closer and collided and it becomes deadly.”

“You are afraid”

“I just not ready, I think.”

“No, you are afraid.”

“I’m so tired, can’t we just not talking about this?”

“Good, keep gliding out and you’ll never win”

“I don’t care. Good night, Darling. Here, listen the song I’ll be sleeping with tonight:”


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