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Movie: The Double


Rating: 6.5/10 (IMDb)
Genre: Thriller, Comedy, Romance
Cast: Jesse Eisenberg (Simon James), Mia Wasikowska (Hannah)
Director: Richard Ayoade
Music: Andrew Hewitt
Releases: 2011


Main Story

This is not a review, merely thoughts instead. I just watched it this evening, in my lowest state of mind and my sick body, and it definitely a no-to-watch movie. I mean, it’s beautiful, in a most satirical and surreal way, plus Mia Wasikowska definitely my favorite actress, and the soundtrack enormously equipped the play, but, please, this is so beautifully depressing.

Please just don’t watch it when your heart not in it’s best state and circumstances, because tho it’s magnificent, it’s a somber kind of magnificence.

I might just end this day by crying in my bed weeping and mourning about life itself. Completely worsened by the film’s emotional manipulation.

Thanks, Mr. Ayoade. You know how to do it.


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