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#CurrentObsession: Movies!


I hate go to movies. Not that I go there often (in fact, maybe you’ll never find me there because I most probably go to movies merely twice a year in average, never more), but I just really.really.really hate the feeling of gigantic screen pressing out the air from your chest and the audio bursting your ears and so on. Basically because I’m a minor claustrophobic, I think :\

So in return, I opt for streaming or downloading instead! (I’m sorry, dear piracy, but I just cannot 😦 ) And this is what’s in my watchlist:

Main Story

1. Stoker


2. Pride & Prejudice


3. Gone Girl


4. Train to Busan


5. The Duchess


6. The Awakening


7. That Evening Sun


8. Anna Karenina


9. Jane Eyre


10. Map to The Stars


11. ….And many more!

A lot of Mia Wasikowska’s movie, I know. She is so impressing in every characters she played, that’s why! And some of them are Keira Knightley which I abruptly dislike in person, but what to say if she starred all the classical movies I intent to watch?

Currently thinking to make a new hashtag project for those movies matters only. Please expect a  not-professional like me blabbering around about some tittles for some weeks ahead.


The problem: I don’t have THAT much time.


3 thoughts on “#CurrentObsession: Movies!

  1. watched anna karenina and pride and prejudice already. keira knightley had such an upside down personality in the characters she played there: one is very good, and one is very bad, hhaha


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