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#MovieMonday – Anna Karenina


Rating: 6.6/10.0 (IMDb)
Genre: Romance, drama
Cast: Keira Knightley (Anna Karenina), Jude Law (Alexi Karenin), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Alexei Vronsky)
Director: Joe Wright
Music: Dario Marianelli
Wardrobe: Jacqueline Durran
: 2012



Truth to be told, I’m not really excited writing this review.

Main Story

Who doesn’t know Anna Karenina? A fenomenal, both well-known and notorious novel by Leo Tolstoy. To be brief, Anna Karenina tells the story about Anna, a beautiful woman in high society of Russia who had almost everything: wealth, husband whose important position in goverment, handsome son, social status, beautiful dresses (the last one is so important) but later would give up everything in order of her passionate love towards Alexei Vronsky that lead them into scandalous relationship which later would break their life.

I’ve never been read the novel by Tolstoy so I don’t have any idea of what Anna Karenina would be like. This seems led me to awed by the techniques used in the beginning of the film that reminds me of Tales of Hoffman somehow. It setted on an opera stage, like, literally. Wright use a large opera stage as his main stage, hence we can see the backdrop rolled as the setting changes, the set officers slash extras and stunts swinging around everywhere in the hassle to put the proper equipments, even the backstage mechanicals used as a good metaphorical setting.

Sadly this whole coolness faded away just like that in a few minutes as if the sets officers and director Wright himself grown tired already and decide to stop. In a few minutes, we’ll just merely watching a common romance movie. No special effects of (back)stages process anymore.

About the casts itself, I’m not really sure. I never read to book or the book review thus I can’t easily judge whether they play it right or not. Nonetheless, the characters itself far less than stunning or remarkable. In the contrary of that, they seems artificial and unsymphateticable. All they leave me with as the story goes to an end is just a flat, lack of depth feeling, an expressionless face staring at credit screen backsounded by an ending score.

Speaking about the music score, is it just me who feel they are tedious and unstriking?



If Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina truly that great, I can’t see it here in screen. Maybe it’s too hard to catch up one of world’s most legendary and complicated literature piece.

Note to self, I have to read the actual book.


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