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A Week of People Watching – Day 1



People never been my interest. Beside I’m naturally a social anxiety sufferer, external emotions that people showed up always feels like a massive attack for me, overwhelming and smothering. So in return, I always pay attention more to what they wear instead of what expressions they show up.

Not trying to be a sartorialist, but I am one of those people who believes that what you wear, a little bit, show up who you are. So I put a lot of interest in paying attention of what people are wearing in order to guess what kind of person they are or what things do they concern in.

But psychology is one of my interest among my other countless interests (which Emilie Wapnick on her TEDtalk called it ‘Multipotentialite’, maybe, due to my endless interest in sphoradical fields haha!), so emphasize more about human is a must-do idea since first I read Sigmund Freud.

Hence I made a rule for myself started this week (1 March, to be exact) about paying attention to people’s emotions in order to  gain a lot more knowledge about human.



Main Story

What surprised me today is apparently a lot of sad, and fear, and sad, and sad again. I admitted that living in a capital city like Jakarta where social and economical gap is figuratively like compare between plantae kingdom with animalia kingdom, extremely distant. And it cause pressures everywhere.

If sad could illustrated as a dark aura and fear as a violet one, all I could see today was just dark and violet spreading in the atmosphere. Mainly from people in the sidewalk, small stall sellers on pedestrian path, and guys with motorbike which stopping in red light.

But this evening in my way back home from work, I stopped at kebab stall nearby home and I see a young mom with her cute little daughter that look so much like her. The young mom wearing (oh yeah well I do the clothes observation again I cant help 😦 ) blue chiffon top, legging with denim pattern which I hate, and a blue crocs slingback flats which I hate too.

God knows how much I hate this thing 😦

She and her little daughter bought the kebab too and in the middle of the meal waiting, she spoke with a guy in motorbike that turns out her husband. What convince me is, I see a genuine love and excitement from her. That was the best feeling ever to finally see a positive gestures among the negative emotions spread in the air.

But instead of replied his wife with the same affection, I just see nothing from him. He just sat there, played with his phone and smiled once in a while. I wonder what made him smile to a phone instead of his wife? A job promotion maybe? Or a common friends jokes in the whatsapp group maybe?



Excited to see what kind of feeling and expressions we’ll discover tomorrow, don’t you too?


People image credits to: pexels.com
Crocs image credist to: someone at ebay.com


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