#TheMorningTales · English · My Blabber Side · My Writer Side

#TheMorningTales: Reborn.


I’ve been longing the ray of the morning sun.
I’ve been craving for the fragrance of morning tea.
I’ve been missing the voice of Frank Sinatra.
I’ve been waiting everyday to wake up to a content and joyful feeling.
I forgot how it was like to live in a safe and steady state of life.

I can’t remember when was my last time spending time in my balcony, barefeet, Wearing a thin and sheer sleeping gown, naked shoulder, feeling cold yet full of life, waiting for the sun to rise, grasping my camera, capturing the ethereal moment of light embarking the dark.

I want to feel alive.
With a soft morning sun licking my neck,
morning breeze cuddling my arms,
and retro voice of Nat King Cole caressing the atmosphere,
gently and bubbly.

I’ve been wanting to have this feeling once again.
Since forever.


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