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I love you so much that it breaks my heart everytime you say “see you later”.

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Tittle: 花言葉 / HANAKOTOBA
Written By: Me






It’s already April isn’t it? The time of spring where the flowers are blooming
And the sunlight creates a new sparkling shades through the trees and leaves

Your voice and your smile always always
Be the one that I want to hear and see everyday

The flower languange is blooming, let me passed this to you
Just tell me, if you know the meaning behind of it
Being closer is somewhat strange and wonderful, but I know I’m only a coward
So please answer me, answer the meaning behind my flowers.

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(My Sweet) Eden [Kanji + Translated]


Title: (My Sweet) Eden
Writter: Mitsumura Tatsuya
Composer: Mitsumura Tatsuya
Performed: NICO Touches the Walls


さあ三つ数えたら手を離してよ ここから僕は旅立っていく
浪漫飛行船飛んでいけ 未来という草原の上

4割程度の降水確率じゃ ビニール傘なんて持たぬよう
曇りのち雨だって プラス思考でいようぜ もう

精一杯声を枯らして 目指してる未知の果て
呆れるほど GO GO 期待してみよう
そう 今ならReady Set Go

よく食べよく学べば誰だって 皆大人になれるようだけど
マニュアルなんていらない 風向き変えてしまえよ

目覚めろもういい加減 未来はもう目の前
そう Everybody Ready Set Go!

Let me say “go”

Everybody Sings
Everybody Sings
Ready Set Go

運命なんて 叫んだことはない
砂漠のような エデンになど興味ない
ただ僕らしくある術 このふざけた世界で

精一杯声を枯らして 未来はもう目の前
呆れるほど GO GO 期待してみよう
そう 迷路でも歓迎しよう

GO GO 探しに行こう
そう 僕らしくある術


In the count on three, I’ll release my hands.
Let’s begin our trip from now on.
Soaring high by the roman airship.
Above the savannah called “Future”

It’s probably 40% the rain will come but I don’t bring my plastic umbrella.
It start to cloudy and must be rain afterwards.
But, hey, just stay thinking positively.

With all your might, just let go of your voice.
The future is already in front of you.
Make them amazed with you. Go Go, beyond their expectations.
Then, right now Ready Set Go

By eat and learn well, everybody will grown up becoming adult someday, but no need any manual for that.
You’ll be able to change the wind direction by yourself

That’s enough! Just wake up!
The future is already in front of you.
Let’s paint the images that show up in front of you.
Then everybody Ready Set Go.

Let me say “go”

Everybody sings
Everybody sings
Ready Set Go

Don’t cry over your fate.
Just like you, there’s no one who want to live in the desserted Eden like this too.
We just have to keep searching with our own way how to make this world fun to be lived

With all your might, just let go of your voice.
The future is already in front of you.
Make them amazed with you. Go Go, beyond their expectations.

Go go, keep searching,
my own way,
your own way,
for this world to be joyful world to living.

Until now, the one and only perfect soundtrack of my life is this song. (My Sweet) Eden. I remember one and half years ago something bad happen for me, blurring the future I’ve drawn and rob all my hopes. I just walking with no direction, I’m lost my faith on everything.

But then I hear this song. Sobbing and wheeping with tons of tears and stupified when hear this song ordered me to wake up and go. I can’t forget every single moment until now on.

PS: Song translated by me. Take it with full credits, please!