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The Darker Side of the Life

It was a hard, hard tiring week. Really. Too hard that I wonder how I passed it alive. It’s magic. And before I know, everything would be over soon. No, I’m not talking about the year. Yeah, current year will be over soon too, but I’m talking about my real life. some phase that I’m… Continue reading The Darker Side of the Life

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Yesterday BEM-J (campus council? student council? campus organization? student organization? If you know the proper way to say it, please tell me then) held a factory trip event. We visited Yakult and Pocari Sweat factory. And yes, it was a great day with the event went well and smooth. Too bad I’m not the documentation… Continue reading ヤ.ク.ル.ト.

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Life Saver

Anyway, amid my meeting-after-meeting-after-meeting rush as a part of campus council (which I enjoyed far more than my duties as a chem and pharmacy student), grateful for given chance to becoming myself by doing what I want to do at least once per week. Like foolhardy book hunting. Now that I’ve been run out the… Continue reading Life Saver

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Dreaming Happy Life

I’ve had much much much much happiness todaaay!!! In the morning I have to attend talkshow in Mayapada Hospital. It such a great time!! First, because the place is so amazing (first time of my life come to such hospital like that OMG) and I feel like kinda ‘upgraded’ because many experiences we got there.… Continue reading Dreaming Happy Life

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Finally! ALL of my exams of-fi-ci-a-lly done todaay!! Now my holidays officially begin!! But, well, too bad to not being in 1st and 2nd semester anymore because started from 3rd semester, it would take two and more whole months for the exams and if that’s all over, the campus day already begin whether we ready… Continue reading FI.NAL.LY.