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[Color Code:] Teal & Pink

Something extremely exciting is coming! And I’m extremely extremely excited! My brainchild would be here super soon! Look! I’m super genius that my brain can even give birth it’s own child, am I not? (please don’t throw me and my arrogancy to the abyss)

But I still have to work out some (MILLIONS!) major and minor details hence I still can’t leak more. So in the meantime, please enjoy this galore of teal and pink hue to brightens your day!











Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset




All credits goes to Pinterest. Just comment below if you own one of this to get it credited directly to you. Ok? Okay!

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Today is Friday

If you looking for me this evening, I might be:

Sitting in Dunkin Donuts--

(Because a friend in office talk about dunkin donuts and I suddenly have an urge to have a full plate. Dunkin is my favorite place to be alone. )

--Writing some blog posts--

(Four years blogging and just managed to use the scheduled post feature once in the last post. Thinking about it, hail to the magic while your blog can manage it’s own aesthetic while you hang out somewhere doing something useless.)

--Using my office inventory macbook--

Kudos to it’s battery ability and shop’s wi-fi.

--While eating chocolate and peanuts classic donuts--

I grown up with their strawberry-filling donuts being the only favorite. Unfortunately this is not the day, fellas.

--And listening to Quentin Sirjacq.


Have a good weekend!

Because I don’t have one at all, as always.

Sorry for being cynical.


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The Story Just Begins


I feel so wicked seeing my blog after weeks gone without write anything. I’m so sorry, I’m not neglecting it FYI. I just trying to deal with uneasy-to-deal world and push myself to enjoy what seemed to be not-so-enjoyable days.


Main Story.

Anyway, perhaps you have seen it (if you haven’t, please scroll it up XD), I CHANGE MY HEADER! After three years of dwelling here, finally! Woohoo!! I made it from scratch by photoshop and using my own photo so paaaardooon me if it’s not seems professional one. Gosh I really have to learn more T_T

Another things, I just realized apparently my posts consist the pre and post-topic. Which is, it may be quite troublesome if you need to read my main topic ASAP  (I’m sorry, I have to start cut-off this blabbering habit) so I comes up with a solutions: I cut it to THREE PART!

  1. Prologue, basically just my talks about life updates and so on.
  2. Main Story, kind of what the tittle is all about.
  3. Epilogue, it can be related to the main topic or not. Sometimes I add my current faves too (can be music, youtube videos, artist, drawing, ANYTHING).

I will use this format from now on, but may be will cut the prologue or epiloge part if it doesn’t necessary in to the certain post. I hope it helps and by the way, I think it attractive either way, heheh



By the way, I supposed to study right now.