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Today is Friday

If you looking for me this evening, I might be:

Sitting in Dunkin Donuts--

(Because a friend in office talk about dunkin donuts and I suddenly have an urge to have a full plate. Dunkin is my favorite place to be alone. )

--Writing some blog posts--

(Four years blogging and just managed to use the scheduled post feature once in the last post. Thinking about it, hail to the magic while your blog can manage it’s own aesthetic while you hang out somewhere doing something useless.)

--Using my office inventory macbook--

Kudos to it’s battery ability and shop’s wi-fi.

--While eating chocolate and peanuts classic donuts--

I grown up with their strawberry-filling donuts being the only favorite. Unfortunately this is not the day, fellas.

--And listening to Quentin Sirjacq.


Have a good weekend!

Because I don’t have one at all, as always.

Sorry for being cynical.


My Blabber Side · My Blog Talks

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