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I believe I haven’t told you that my final paper assembly and yudisium has been FI-NI-SHED~!! YAAAYY~!!!

I passed everything nicely, and hopefully with excellent grade too (eventho I know I didn’t push myself that hard to get an excellent grades as well =__=) and my graduation will be happen On August! Okay actually it’s not totally over, still final revision period to come and many things to settle, but hey, I’m officially will graduate soon eh?!

Well apparently that’s not my point today. What I want to talk is, I found this really interesting-exciting-wonderful-helpful-cute youtube channel called Ochikeron! It basically a cooking tutorial channel of both japanese and european dish and drinks. What makes it obviously enjoyable is, everything looks so simple-and-no-fuss tutorial! The dishes is cute and looks oishii too ❤ Definitely for those who start learn to cook!


So what’s the connection between my first and second topic? Well, because I will graduate soon and no longer have any activities on my post-yudisium day, I’m gonna….LEARN TO COOK~! YAAAY~!

After watching this I planned to make pancakes (yes, I don’t how to make pancakes, please don’t laugh at me =_=) and omurice and after I success on those, I’ll higher my level to curry rice or scrambled egg with rice bowl then to the level of, I don’t know, probably soup or another stir-fried or steamed dish?

Yo people who gonna start learning to cook like me, just check out her channel, won’t you? 😉