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Song to Hear when It Rains

It rains all day today and I love it.
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First Impression: Persona 5


I love everything visualized in the trailer. The character and gestures are so motion. The interface design is cool 2D’s based. The gameplay seems closer to the nonlinear type, thinking about Final Fantasy. The story look nowhere near cliche.

Their website design definitely the MOST SEE  ★★★★★

The color theme itself so lovely.persona 5 color swatches

I’m waiting for the EU version thus having intention to destroy the calendar right to Spring 2017. I might talking about this particular game a lot. Please bear with me.


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#CurrentObsession: Persona Game

Main Story

Persona games has always been my obsession since I’m in high school about 6 years ago (the gratitudes all goes to Square Enix and my older brother) so additional word “current” may not barely compatible now.

But I was stumbled upon persona music in Youtube few weeks ago and the obsession came encountering me again. Therefore I currently playing Persona 3 portable now in Ied holiday. Why Persona games are so addictive? I can’t helped.

Made this playlist full of Persona original soundtrack in which I mostly love. Mainly come from Persona 4 game since it has the most legit soundtracks in my opinion.

Oh, and if you’re also into Persona game, let me know so I have a friend to be squealling with!



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#CurrentObsession: Vikings the Series

Main Story

I’m not so into draw or even book-reading lately, I’m becoming…Series Freak instead!! So I currently catching up (read: binge-watching) this particular series tittled Vikings.

I’m not gonna review nor talk a lot about it because it’s a long-tiring Saturday and I’ve ready to hit my bed already (okay. Blabbering. Again). Just comes out with the third season and I think I’ve been too obsessed already that I don’t want it to end. (Michael Hirst you can just make it lasts to 10 seasons and I will never get sick, promise!)


The character building is awesome, the conflicts is awesome, the setting is, well, not well-built if I may say, but who cares?! I shipping Lagertha already because, gosh, she is the one whom evey females want to be: strong, brave, beautiful, holding authority, have a fine fine son, and so on (and it just me or Lagertha really look like Avril Lavigne sometimes?).

Man, Vikings the Series is awesome and I think of willing to watch another series with the similar feeling after finishing the season 4, like, Game of Thrones maybe? (yea I haven’t watch GoT yet, what’s your problem?) But whatever, the season 5 will releases this year and hurrah to not have to waiting sucha’ months per season!



Flash life-update: work is great, uni is great, family is great, my life is currently great. Well, not that really, but I enjoyed my life everyday eventho I HATE to wake up in the morning.

Thanks God.

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Child Of Light

Lately I’ve playing one specific PS3 game, called Child of Light.


It’s a RPG game based on Sleeping Beauty (slash Cinderella?) fairytale with the heroine named Aurora.


Well I’m not a gamer so I’m not playing so many games, but this is, basically, the most magnificent game I’ve ever played.

The plot of the story is flawless and I love the concept of ancient fairytales that they using old english and talk in rhymes, (which is sometimes I need a longer time to understand what they’re actually talked about -_-)

And not to tell, the visualization itself is perfectly awesome.




And I love the battle system where there’s a track to cast and to stand by that we have to overcome the foe (s) to beat them up and Igniculus could do so things with wishes there to slowing down the foes and to pull of party’s HP.

And, ah, one more thing: Little Aurora is so adorable ❤ (Yes, only the little Aurora, because moon and sun Aurora is plenty of no for me 😦 )


I’ve finish played the normal mode once and kind of dissapointed because it so beautiful to be ended so fast 😦 But I’ll play the hard mode soon so let see if there’s some kind of alternative endings.

Bonus: Literally the only song I’ve played this entire week.