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Captured Wonderland in My Head

Just watched one of the most whimsical and delicate music videos I’ve ever seen in my live. It represent how I think the Wonderland supposed to be, if it’s ever exist.

The characters, the acts, the costumes, the makeups, the slow-motion effects, the color filters, and many more. Everything just.so.beautiful.

I think I’m in love.

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I Can’t Even Differ if it’s Linkin Park or The Chainsmokers

If it’s Linkin Park, I’ve always been a fan. Their songs frequently being my prozac in my tough times.

But THIS song, THEIR new song, I completely lost it. In a negative way 😦

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Please Meet Persephone

Dreams do come true, they are really do.

It’s been a long time, even long before I made this blog, that I really really really want to have a flute and be able to playing them. Now seven years later, I really made it!

Bought a secondhand–because the new one priced as high as another galaxy–with a really good bargain. I can’t believe my luck. Apparently, sometimes the key of luck is merely one: patience.


I used all my savings and my banks might be crying right now, and still have tuitions to be payed for months ahead, that’s a big number to be sacrificed tho, but I can’t stop feeling thrilled, even in the way back home, my hands were trembling. I am holding YFL-221 that is MINE, for God’s shake! Please pinch me! Am I in the dream right now?

And yes, I named her Persephone, a Greek Goddess of springtime, because she is as graceful as it is.


Dreams do come true, now I believe, they are really do, only if you willing to sacrifice a lot for them.

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Playlist of a Swaying Mood

Tried to decipher how my mood can easily swing by analyzing what songs I heard within the day, and this is the result.

9.00 Am


10.00 AM


10.30 AM


11.09 AM


11.20 AM


11.50 AM


2.57 PM


3.04 PM


3.50 PM


6.05 PM


6.24 PM



My playlist is stochastic so the result is: My mood swing level is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

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Newly-Spring Playlist


This past two weeks, beside the my typical Japanese Rock and UTAITE, I frequently listening to indie and light irish tunes, this is a new thing tho.





Just thinking to sign-up to a dance class after the 9-5 routines on weekdays.

What do you think, guys?

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Another Kind of Healing

I have this habit to listen Linkin Park while I feeling pressured. It’s not a straight remedy like those mental helpers–or Diazepams–does (do they really?). But Linkin Park has statement lyrics of many psychotic feelings, and I think, compared to the mental helpers, that kind of same.

I mean, psychiatrists are expensive.

And Diazepam is psychotropic.

Got what I mean?